Slavers to Aerie

Or that time that the Cleric saved everyone and the Ranger hid

The adventurers started in a tavern. When suddenly, bandits raided the tavern and started capturing citizens. Some were killed and one adventurer jumped out of a window with a bandit. The distraction was enough for the cleric to hide underneath one of the wagons while the other three adventurers were captured. During the trip the cleric was able to kill a single bandit and go unnoticed. The bandits set up camp a few days in to travel. While they rested the adventures became acquainted and the cleric began handing everyone’s weapons back, but was seen before she could get back to the Paladin. An epic battle broke out and the adventurers survived the struggle and only the bandit leader, Serba Blackguard, survived making off with what appeared to be maps and other equipment. The Adventurers looted the area and left with an orcish mace from munch (signed HRN), a heavy crossbow, 220 gold, 2 health potions, 2 armor patch kits, a wagon, and two oxen. The party then followed a map found by the Ranger and headed south.

The party rode into the desert night and had no watch. They awoke to find painted black scarabs on the Paladin. Thewizard crushed one and put it into her pocket for later use. The Paladin then wiped the rest of them off into the sand. The party could see some creepy things around them and notice a bit of difference in the terrain. In the distance they saw a small opening in the sand and decided to search it. Inside the cave The Adventures saw visions that clouded their judgment. The Paladin, the wizard, and the Ranger all fell down a pit at the end of the cave. However as a cleric did not follow them down into the pit. While at the bottom of the pit the Paladin was being choked and the cleric Shannaro of light to illuminate the surrounding area. In the dim light the party could see that the Paladins shadow had manifested and was attempting to kill him. The white arrow cause the shadow to fly and the three tribe members begin climbing the rope set by the cleric (After the wizard recorded the symbols on a large brass door in the pit). As they reach the top, wind started blowing sand from the door towards the exit. The Adventures escaped out of the cave and back to their wagon. They survived the experience and continued south, the Paladin still without a shadow.

The adventures take shifts for watch during the night and nothing happens. By day they had finally reached the city. Once there, the Paladin realized it was one of the only cities to never have been captured. The wizard and Ranger went to the monks during their morning pt to inquire about the local library. They were informed that only monks are allowed in and they were then informed on how to become monks. Meanwhile the cleric and Paladin made their way up the steps of the monastery to inquired about the Paladins missing shadow. They are informed by a beautiful priestess of the omen at hand and were frightened by the information. The party regrouped and made a plan. They went to the blacksmith to enchant the Paladins gear for 420 gold, but they did not have enough gold to pay for what they needed. The wizard then searched for an orc as to sell them as found on munch. When she found the orc in a local tavern she went with the Paladin to confront him. She upsets the orc and some guards but the cleric is able to diffuse the situation and the group once again regroups to make a new plan. This time they decide to go visit the gypsies to get more information on the Paladins issue.



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