Teifling Rogue


Illusive. Evasive. Persistent. Righteous traits for a rogue.

27 Year old Tiefling Rogue, specializing in Assassinations.

Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral, although it would be easy to mistake him for being evil since he’s not afraid to dirty his hands for his own safety.

Equipment: Light leather armor covered by a black, hooded cloak. Two shortswords, two daggers, and the Whip of Madness (his favorite weapon when getting the drop on an enemy). Learned from Nathaniel that the mysterious candle is a Corpse Candle, allowing him to see invisible and ethereal beinds within five feet of the candle. (Can only be lit with a force magic effect)


Born in a city where religion is law, and evil is punished, Dez had a hard childhood, followed by an even harder adolescence. His mother, a former adventurer herself in one of the more prestigious guilds in the city, gave birth to Dez in the same place he would learn most of the skills he knows now, the alleyways inside the walls of the city. She tried her best to raise him, but the prejudices and natural tendencies of the townsfolk towards tieflings and their parents, slowly drove her to the breaking point. Names that she had been called once word got out she was pregnant from a fiend, even since before Dez was born, included “Slut” “Whore” “Devil’s plaything” and “Hell-mother”. She was alone throughout her pregnancy, and while giving birth as well. She stayed in that city though, hoping that she could redeem herself, and her son, by staying faithful to the law and teaching him the ways of the church. With each year that followed that goal seemed more and more out of her grasp as Dez grew bigger and began to question everything the city stood for and grew into his infernal features. She had given up hope entirely after he had successfully stolen enough food to provide them with a relative banquet, (even though it wasn’t more than a couple loaves of bread, fruit and water) and enjoyed every last bite of the stolen food. She never thought he was evil, because he only stole what they needed and showed no signs of greed, but she also didn’t think of him as good, because he never gave stealing a second thought.. he was independent, intelligent, inquisitive and ultimately chaotic.

Dez learned much on his own about the ways of thieves and con artists out of necessity, but found that with each stolen coin and piece of bread he felt incredibly alive. His mother on the other hand did not condone his thieving ways, even if it were the main reason they could continue living. Nobody gave him a chance for a happy life. Nobody even dared acknowledged his existence. To see nothing but a devil child made him feared throughout the city, even having a nickname placed upon him.. known as “The Black Death” though he’d never so much as hurt another person. He didn’t hate the townspeople.. as far as he knew, he was the only one of his kind. The pitch black skin, silver eyes, horns and tail weren’t helping either.. He looked almost identical to the evil beings found in the city’s books of worship and was painfully aware of it from an early age. What he couldn’t stand was the treatment they gave his mother. He knew how she came to be pregnant, as well as the rest of the city, but it wasn’t her fault what happened to her. He could always see her heart break a little more each day he brought back stolen food to eat, but it was the only way to eat, and he couldn’t allow himself to stop out of guilt.

Dez began his formal training on the day of his 10th birthday. He came to meet his Master the night before however.. the night his mother went missing. He noticed her disappearance when he came back to their alley to drop off dinner for his mother only to discover that she had left. Her leaving was not on its own unusual, but she always gave him notice beforehand. This worried Dez, so he began to follow the trail she had left. It went to the edge of the city walls, then to the nearby woods. He followed as far as the trail allowed, trying to wrap his head around why she left without warning in the first place, but what he saw at the end of the trail disturbed him to the depths of his core.. Nothing! There was nothing left to follow and even the last footstep in the trail seemed incomplete, but there was nothing around that could provide clues, with exception of a small candle that he learned could not be lit. Feeling lost and abandoned, he returned to his alley. It took some time to make it to the alley where he resided, and had never seen another soul come through even once, but this evening upon his return he saw before him a cloaked figure, tall, silent, and snooping through his only possessions. The figure turned to face the Tiefling and smiled. “Hello, Dez.” he whispered just loud enough to be heard. "My guild has been watching you for some time.. we even know about your mother’s disappearance.. " Dez was shocked by the figure, not just because of his audacity, but also his appearance! Red skin, mono-colored eyes, horns and a smile that revealed sharp canines? Another Tiefling! Dez inquired to his purpose and had many questions, but the man had other plans at the moment, convincing Dez to leave behind everything in order to master the way of stealth and join his guild in a new city as an apprentice rogue. With nothing to lose, and many questions waiting to be answered, he accepted the offer and trained and worked for the guild almost 16 years before setting off to find his mother.

One year later, he still has no clues to her whereabouts, but instead finds a group of adventurers. After making a bet with their dragonborn, he joined them on a quest that brought him more excitement and answers than traveling alone ever had. The story of Dez continues from there…


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