Magthera Tyroseras

Elf Cleric


A sister of battle… pious yet unrelenting.

Magthera Tyroserasor “Magy” as she is called by her compainions stands at 5’8" with long black hair that flows down to her waist, an odd feature for a wood elf. She is young for an elf, barely two centuries old. Though once her heart was noble, she has since grown apathetic to the lives of those around her deeming them dull and uninspired. Magthera craves knowledge and pursues the hero who drew her out of the elven lands.
Magy is a proficient archer and duelist, making great use of her agility in combat. It is here vast knowledge of healing and radiant magics that are most valuable to the party however. She is well read and always seems to know just how mighty the foe they face is from the lifetimes of knowledge she has studied in her youth.
Currently Magthera follows the footsteps of her hero Lady Vess. She know’s the sacrifices her idol made to keep her world safe, and she hopes to find the rewards the High Priestes reaped.


Magthera was born the third child of the royal house in Invacyn. With her sister Ezkara already married to the king and brother Kyth “Timberhawk” Tyroseras commanding the guard by the time she was 50, Magthera was left to her own devices as simply the privileged little sister. She did not waste this privilege, studying hard in the libraries and learning all that she could of the lands surrounding and feywild.
As the years went on however she became more and more bitter. The library was vast, but she had poured herself into it for a century. Gone were her days fantasizing of the dryads and sprites of the forest as she hungered for knowledge of what lay beyond the scope of the elven lands. Her ancient sister did’n’t understand and pitied her curiosity. Her brother simply grew weary, relenting and passing her along any reading material from the outside he could procure knowing though he knew it lacked the charm and elegance of elven literature. Magthera grew apathetic to her people, seeing that they lived centuries only to hide in their borders and ignorance. Then she found the journal of the High Priestess Vess.
Wondering the shelves of the library with her nose in a book of songs she had read a thousand times a glint caught her eye. Amongst the wall of books she knew so well, the was a book that she had not read. Her old reading forgotten fell to the floor as she pulled out the hard leather bound journal with a golden spine. Her mind was lost in the pages as she devoured the tales of the Priestess they called Vess who traveled the world, no the very planes, in her quest for eternal life. Here was a being of determination and dedication! Here was someone with a purpose!
Magthera devoured the text of the journal. She felt the emotions of Vess, studied the magic of the Priestess, and found the calling of Enoch. She was happy again in the walls of her home for a time, but the blank pages of the journal soon drove her mad. There was more, there had to be more. She had to know where. The journal spoke of an Inn out in the desert. It was the last place in the journal. That is where the writings stopped. Magthera needed to find out where Lady Vess had gone.
Kyth disapproved. He found his baby sister deep in a trance in the library one night, the journal open in her lap. Upon reading it he felt dread. He knew his sister’s thirst for answers and he could see where the book would lead her. He tossed the book into a fire and watched as the pages burned. His sister had to stay, the world was dangerous. She was too young.
Magthera awoke an ache in her head. Her eyes instantly went to the fireplace where her brother stood with his arms crossed, daring the fire to leave even a page intact. Magthera didn’t need to ask, she knew what had happened and she felt a mounting rage build inside her. She wanted to scream, but instead she thought of Vess. She mustered all of her patience to assure her brother she understood, and that night she gathered her things and fled to the last known location of the High Priestess Liliana Vess.

Magthera Tyroseras

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