Lady Xue

Human Wizard


To fight the abyss… one must know it.

39 Year Old Human Wizard from the late sea village of Yan Wen.

Wizard Apprentice and Researcher in the School of Evocation. She worships the Bitch Queen, or the Drowning Goddess known as Umberlee.

Her wizard familiar is The Prince, a wise bat that lives in her hair. He has far outlived the life of any bat, coming to her shortly after her village disappeared.

Neutral Evil


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Flavor Text I.e. Background:

Xue hails from the island village of Yan Wen, a lonely piece of land hundreds of miles from the southeast shore of Khorvaire. Yan Wen was a remote, misty place, wrapped in old tribal cynicisms, and foremost the disciples and children of the drowning Goddess, Umberlee. A magic island, Yan Wen is a tribal culture that values the confluence of perceptivity and magical sensitivity. Newborns that do not show a magical talent are said to be set upon small boats lit with guiding candles, and sent to the shores of Khorvaire as orphans. These orphans are judged not be the children of Umberlee and are unworthy to live out their lives in Yan Wen.

Xue grew up as a talented young magic user, showing a congruence with water that was far beyond the normal, even for Yan Wen. When Xue was a young witch, at the age of 10, the mists rolled into island as they did every other morning. However, the fog was no average phenominon. Xue could see reflections in the water air particles, ones that shimmered and shaped strange figures in her world. These eerie creatures were cryptic, none-humanoid— and most importantly, not of her plane.

Xue could see these creatures but no longer her own kin. The island was void of her tribe, and her family was gone. It was when the fog rolled away did she fully realize she was alone completely. Every man, woman, child and animal disappeared and was gone in an instant, and 29 years later, still never to have returned. The old ruins of Yan Wen are still there, with all of her children’s boats in their docks, without a whisper or clue of what had happened to her people.

Xue, almost three decades later, has long given up her search for her village, but the questions hold fast to her heart and her purpose. She is a seeker of knowledge, with a thirst for power. She has joined the wizarding school of Evocation to whet her skills as an elemental wizard. Above all else, she is a student to the world, who would give up everything to attain Khorvaire’s oldest secrets.

Relationship to Party

  • [[:magMagthera – Xue respects the princess as another magic user in their party. Xue hopes to sway her to a more evil influence. Xue is enjoying watching the princess fall off her goodly pedestal in pursuit of more worthwhile (i.e. evil) quests.
  • Clemento – The wizard is happy to stand behind the dragonborn, since he is stronger and much more comfortable taking a punch to the face. Also, he is resistant to electricity, which makes him an easy shield to stand behind as she casts Thunderwave.
  • Olivia – She enjoys the company of the halfling, since the little one fits well in her pocket and has an animal familiar not unlike her own. Xue likes to collect small, powerful things, and Olivia has proven herself as a very capable small and powerful thing. :)
  • Dez- The most reasonable of the party, and like herself, is in search of valuable, and rare items. Des is dexterous, and sneaky, unlike herself, and she is willing to help him in a trade that may or may not be aligned with the rest of the party’s moral goals.

Lady Xue

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