Luna Dies, Broken Seals and Pirate Islands

Olivia bravely goes to the dark forests outside of Aerie to search for clues. She searched where her team previously fought the Dark Mantles. Her wolf, Luna, is no longer the mangy wolf she found in the desert but now boasts a magnificent coat of gold and silver, large and magnificent as ever. Olivia and her companion pass webs of Dusk Mantles corpses strewn in the canopy of the trees, and it seems that the cryptic fog has not lifted.

There, a battle breaks out with a vicious Cloaker that appears from the trees.
(Note, these are shortened bullets Leo took while paying attention to kittens)

  • Oliviafails her first strike at the beast, and Luna attacks the Cloaker viciously before it can get to the ranger.
  • Cloaker critically hits the dog with it’s teeth and screeches. Luna passes the saving throw, but is now wrapped in the Cloaker’s wings.
  • The Cloaker raises it manta ray-like stinger to stab Luna, but instead sticks it in a tree.
  • Olivia, seeing her opportunity, promptly cleaves the tail from the beast.
  • It shrieks and falls from Luna, prompting a screeching fear attack, but dog and owner resist.
  • It is when the Cloaker goes for another attack on Olivia that Luna charges in and rips apart its entrails. It is in this moment that the Cloaker wraps itself around Luna and before anymore could be done, bites voracious maw down upon the wolf’s head, half beheading her, and instantly killing her.
  • Olivia, in a rage, attacks the Cloaker and murders it with vengeance. She returns to Aerie with her dogs body in her arms, shaking, enraged and enormously crestfallen by her companion’s downfall.
  • Olivia levels up.

The other party members are on quests of their own. Lady Xue searches for clues in the old ruins of the chapel, and it crashes down upon her; Clemento speaks to Marita about the exodus of the townspeople and speaks to Bulky about Gideon; Dez explores the abandoned houses near the dock and find a diary, and apparently Mag has a sound sleep.



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